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Two at the same time? Imagine(FX) that…

November 21, 2006

Not only can you see my art in this months Advanced Photoshop (issue 24) you can also see some of my more sci-fi based work in the current Issue of ImagineFX (issue 12). 2 magazines in the same month. My bid for world domination continues.


Want to know how to make this?

November 7, 2006

As well featuring an excellent cover by the talented Jerry Lofaro, Advanced Photoshop #24 features a full 6 page masterclass on how to make the latest Skull-Kidd image written by yours truly! Go buy it now and find out some of my crazy methods! The line art for the image is on the magazine’s cd so you can try out the advice for yourself and then post your results online at the Advanced Photoshop forum for everyone to see here!

Oh, and you could always email the magazine and tell them how brilliant you thought the tutorial was too. Y’know, if you felt like it… 😉