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Sneak Peak!

May 22, 2008

After a very long 3 weeks without having my own computer to use (my laptop’s video card fried itself!) I’m finally back online with a brand new PC! (I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed using my own setup, borrowing Sarah’s system and checking email remotely just wasn’t the same!) If you’ve emailed me over the last 3 weeks and haven’t heard from me, that’s why! I’ll be in touch soon, promise.

Anyway, before I get to my mountain of emails, here’s a sneak peak of an upcoming magazine commission. We don’t normally show you images from magazines before they see print, but the final image went in a very different direction from this initial concept sketch, so we thought we’d share it with you to show how differently the colour scheme and painting style could’ve been…

We’ll post the actual image when it’s published later this month.

Have fun,


Recommended Reading: Comic Art Now

May 14, 2008

Today, instead of showing you some of our art (because everything new is under an NDA at the moment) lets plug something we aren’t in (for a change!)

Comic Art Now” is an anthology book from Ilex Press that focuses on interior decorating. Kidding, I was just checking that you’re all paying attention!

You can already guess that it collects art from numerous professionals in the comic industry, but what makes it worth picking up is the range of styles involved. From the brilliant cartoon stylings of Dan Boultwood (who I once worked with at Mongoose Publishing many years ago), the retro-cool work of James Hodgkins, some dream-like work from Kate Brown, the nightmare inpiring offerings of Ben Templesmith to the excellent cel-shaded work of Paul Duffield, pretty much everything is represented here. Granted, as with all anthology books there will be some entries that you don’t care for, but there are definitely more hits than misses here, so we can safely say it’s worth a look! Click here to see where you can get it from! Happy reading!

Back soon with some more art,


"Adrenaline"- Digital Arts Magazine Tutorial

May 2, 2008

Introducing “Gayle Forzz”, the star of our latest commission for IDG.
You can find out how to create this image by checking out our tutorial in Digital Arts Magazine, out now!