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Win some Cool Surface Art at "Do You"!

July 6, 2008

Who wants some art for free? (Actually, I do, but nobody ever sends me any…*sniff*) Enough about my lack of free stuff, this is all about free stuff for you!

Our good friends at “Do You Remember?” (probably the world’s number one retro website for everything that was cool in the the 70’s and 80’s) are currently holding a competition for one lucky winner to have their very own extremely limited edition Cool Surface artwork created just for them! Now, this could go to anyone on the site, but we’d like it even more if somebody who regularly views this blog wins, so go enter now!

All you have to do is let them know which 80’s character you would most like to adorn your wall – this could be anything from
Transformers to Barbie or even Spotty and Superted! Sarah wants Superted, but personally, I’m thinking that “Blues” here looks pretty good, nudge nudge…